Why are existential questions of being, interdependence, and coexistence, vital in these times of readjustment of powers and values?

A response from Ricardo Bustamante:

Humanity can be a vast and complex concept; in fact one could say that there exists as many visions of humanity as there are people in the world.  Without a doubt, this time of isolation and interruption in our lives that we have come to know has taught us even more about the complexities of the human condition.  However, the interruptions of our social obligations that many have dreamed, hoped, worked for and achieved start to become irrelevant in the face of a health crisis that reveals the fragility, simplicity and impermanence of humanity.  This collective pause is an opportunity to return and reconnect to our own essence of existence that may have far too long been overshadowed by the structural illusions of the modern world clouding our vision of who we are at our core.

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