What happens to your body when you encounter the unknown?

A response by Thea Little:

the unknown: something you’re not accustomed to, a world lacking consistency and familiarity, something figuratively or literally alien making a connection with you… examples are varying and occur in different circumstances: the brain is literally cold, numb. your support system is no longer there. you’re on your own. you’re not used to this profound independence. you’re not proud of anything you think or say. everything feels insecure. one’s brain is unstable. one’s nerves are unstable. it’s an adventure out there. new people, new discoveries. everything feels scintillating. you’re at the edge of a cliff: will you fall or soar? you soar, you find luck, you find distractions, you find depth, you find kindred spirit. will they fall or will you both soar. you fall with them. eventually everyone falls yet everyone finds ways to soar. you send messages and you receive messages. they give you peace and reassurance for the future. you find a calm. you find communication. you find solace, friendship, hope for more encounters. an understanding. kinship, peace…

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