What happens to your body when you encounter the unknown?

A response from Megan  Kendzior:

As an improviser, I like to think that I’m primed for the unknown. But every instance is unique and offers challenges and excitements that we can’t prepare for. I often hit a wall inside my own system when I confront the vast wildness of the universe. My body may shift, gurgle, tense, release, bubble, or jitter with anticipation, fear, and energy. When I think about this historic moment that we’re in, and all of the traumas that our bodies are experiencing, I wonder about the ripple effects that are yet to come. I have just learned about a tremor releasing technique that induces shaking to expel excess adrenaline and realign the energetic fields inside the body. What might this look like on a global scale? Like the shake of the earth after the passing of the impactful giant RBG? Like the rush of a river in early Spring? An opening, a pouring, a struggle that ties up and turns around and wanders out. Often, the connection of my heart and soul, body and spirit intertwine with the anxieties of my mind when I confront the unknown.

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