What happens to your body when you encounter the unknown?

A response from Sebastian Viasus at MIT: When I encounter the unknown my body typically reacts with either fear or excitement. The determining factor for the response is my perspective. For me, perspective is typically a result of how I’ve been feeling overall for the past few days or so. If I have been feeling lost or unstable in life, an unknown moment is likely to feel scary, even if the unknown is something typically labeled as “good” or “exciting.” And vice versa if I feel more at ease and comfortable with where I am in life. Even though perspective is influenced by my overall state of mind, I still believe that perspective is a choice. Should my body respond with fear to an unknown, if that unknown is in line with how I wish to live my life, I can change my perspective and let go of responding to that fear. The fear will then either convert to excitement or just pass, allowing me to experience the moment. To note though, this is much easier said than done.

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